Epic fail on the reel front

I enjoy making reels for Instagram so that I can show you a condensed version of how I make the different pieces of jewellery.  

It's especially rewarding when I'm making bespoke pieces and the customer has a momento of their unique piece of jewellery being made.  It adds to the service that I hope I provide.

Sometimes though you just have to jump on the bandwagon of 'trending reels'! It's a bit of fun, it looks as if it just takes five minutes to make but actually does eat up quite a lot of time!

I saw this particular trend, which is doing the rounds at the moment, and thought "that looks easy, quick and entertaining".  It was entertaining!

Little did I know - until after I'd written on my fingers in permanent marker - that my ring finger doesn't move of it's own accord!  Or that writing on my right hand with my left hand would take so long...or that my magnifying lamp was in the direct line of fire of my hand...

The finished reel on Instagram is below - but first, here's the outtakes!!

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