What's it all about?

LaVidaLoca – what does it even mean?  In a nutshell it means ‘The Crazy Life’ and that definitely sums up ours and I expect most of yours at the moment!

I’ve made my own jewellery for some time and when friends repeatedly told me that they would buy my creations I thought ‘OK, why not’.  I certainly didn’t expect to be turning a hobby into a new business at the age of 50 but here I am, and here it is. 

I only make and design jewellery that I would wear myself and make everything to order so you know you are purchasing a piece which is as unique and special as you are. 

We’re living in crazy times, and what better to brighten up your life than a lovely piece of handmade jewellery – made with love.

Who are we then?

Ali Rankin

...that’s me.  I design all the jewellery and make all the silverwork.  I’ve always loved sparkly, shiny things and sewing – I love sewing.   It gives me such satisfaction to start with a piece of silver sheet and some silver wire and create something beautiful which brings real joy to real people!  When I started this business, I completely underestimated the immense pleasure I would get from hearing just how overjoyed customers are at receiving and wearing my items.  It’s priceless.

Adam Burrows

...that’s my other half.  Adam loves playing with power tools and takes great pleasure spending hours sitting at the lathe polishing the inlay rings to a high finish!  He also enjoys meticulously setting the opal chips in each inlay ring with a cocktail stick! He’s experimenting with forming rings from recycled oak and inlaying them with opal – first results are very promising – watch this space!

Bob and Bill

...our black Labradors - they don’t offer anything in the way of design or crafting the finished jewellery but are an essential part of everyday life and constant companions in the workshop! 

What is our Mission

We believe that jewellery that is handmade with care and love transmutes a positive energy to the wearer.  With every order, we think of our jewellery going to a ‘new home’ which makes us as happy as it makes you receiving and wearing it.

We prioritise customer care – each and every order is important to us and we’ll never stop getting excited when new orders come through!  Each customer has individual requirements which we are happy to cater for and we love the opportunity to create one off designs specific to you.

We believe that everyone is special which is why we are so very happy to donate 5% of all of our sales income to Social Bite, a charity which aims to put an end to homelessness in Scotland.

Time is precious and what better way to use it than doing something every day than you love and being able to help others along the way.

So who are our customers?

Our lovely customers come from far and wide, worldwide, but one thing that we’ve realised is that they all have these things in common:

-       They value a personal service when it comes to the buying experience

-       They value craftsmanship over mass production

-       They place importance on their jewellery being made with love by people who care

-       They prefer supporting small businesses instead of inflating the already over inflated conglomerates


Sounds like you?  Perfect, let’s go!!