Inlay band ring - Double set 8mm
Double set opal inlay band LaVidaLoca Jewellery
Double set opal inlay band LaVidaLoca Jewellery
Double set opal inlay band LaVidaLoca Jewellery
Inlay band ring - Double set 8mm

Inlay band ring - Double set 8mm


All of my Inlay Rings are handcrafted - this one has four separate rings soldered together to form a split channel into which the inlay of your choice is placed. The band for this ring is 8mm wide and features two 2.5mm bands of crushed opal separated by a 1mm band of either Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold to match your ring band.

The opal chips in this ring are carefully selected and inlaid by hand, making each piece unique. Choose from a range of opal colours to create a unique and eye-catching piece of jewellery.

This double set Inlay Band is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Contact me for a price in 9ct Gold.


  • 8mm wide handcrafted split inlay band
  • 100% recycled Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold
  • Environmentally friendly lab-created opal chips
  • Inlay of your choice
Size chart

I make all of my rings to order which is why it is essential that you give the correct size on ordering so that I can make the perfect size for you.  Most high street jewellers will be happy to measure your finger for you if you are unsure and I have added a link to a sizing tool to download below to help you but if in doubt, please just ask! I will double check with you before I start making your ring to ensure you are happy with the size you have given.  

If you are not resident in the UK and know the size of your finger in your own Country, please choose 'Non-UK ring size' from the dropdown list and type in your size details and Country.

Your ring should fit snuggly on your finger without risk of falling off without being too tight or too loose. It should just be able to fit over the largest part of your finger which is often the knuckle for most people and it is worthwhile taking your knuckle size as well.

Check your ring size more than once. Your fingers will swell in warmer weather and vice-versa in cold weather. 

Use the link here to download a pdf. to help you with finding the correct size

Lab-created opals, or synthetic opals, are man-made in laboratories and have the same chemical composition, internal structure, physical properties, and appearance as natural opals but without any of the environmental impact of traditional mining.

Lab-created opals are produced in a wide range of colours and many look so much like natural opal that trained gemologists can have difficulty separating them from natural opals. 

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